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Auto Insurance Solutions

One of the most frequent questions we get is “Why is my neighbor’s son/daughter paying half of what we are paying for our son/daughter? There are many variables that go into a car insurance quote.

  • Age of driver
  • Sex of driver
  • Garaging zip code
  • Use of vehicle (to work, to school, pleasure only, etc.)
  • Good student?
  • Violations and/or accidents
  • Year, make and model of car
  • Credit score
  • Full coverage or liability only
  • Amount of coverage
  • Size of deductible
  • Prior coverage

The various insurance companies have different experience. One company may give a greater discount for a good student if they have had better loss experience with young drivers who get good grades. Some companies rate based on which county you reside. Others base it solely on zip code, regardless of whether you are in the city or the county. Some companies charge for a seatbelt violation. Others do not because it is not considered a moving violation.

Our job is to know the likes and dislikes of the companies we represent. We then take that knowledge and find the best price for you.

Although car insurance is very price driven, we also make sure you are adequately covered. You need proper limits and proper deductibles. Would you ever submit a claim for under $500? If not, why are you paying more for a $250 deductible?

We will give you the various options that we uncover and go over your choices. We will help you analyze everything and even make a recommendation. The ultimate choice, however, is always up to you.
Please call us for a quote. You are never obligated to go with us just because we give you prices.