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Business Insurance Solutions

Do you ever wonder if your business insurance excludes coverage for certain circumstances? Have you ever submitted a claim and then gotten a phone call to tell you that you are not covered?

Although we can’t foresee every scenario, we do pride ourselves in reviewing the exposures that can be specific to your industry. For example, a restaurant with no seating, no liquor license and doing carry-out business only, does not need to discuss liquor liability. However, a restaurant serving sit-down dinners with a beer and wine license is in great need of discussing the need for, and cost of, liquor liability.

You, as the business owner, need to know on what your liability, workers’ compensation or property premium is based. Some companies base their liability premium on receipts, others on payroll and others on square footage that you occupy. Knowing this can greatly impact what you pay on an annual basis.

If you have vehicles, did you know that the premium can be based on where these vehicles are kept overnight? Some companies base the premium on where the vehicles are most often used.

  • Do you cross state lines?
  • Do you deliver a product? Is that product perishable?
  • Do you transport people? Are they handicapped?

Are you insured up to the proper amount that your landlord requires? Has your agent ever asked to review your lease to ensure that you are not in violation of that lease by having limits too low?

These are some of the things we do on a regular basis. We are not simply order takers. We are professionals who feel the need to protect you properly. At the same time, we will not sell you something you do not need.

Why not let us review your company’s information? If you are adequately and properly covered we will tell you that as well. There have been many times when we have been referred into an account and walked away advising the prospect that they have a very good insurance program. Our goal is to be respected as honest advisors who will do what is best for you.