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Demetriou Insurance Special Financing Options

As previously mentioned, we work to find the best options for our clients. Sometimes this even includes getting better payment options. For example, most standard companies require 20 – 25% down, followed by 9 or 10 payments. We have one company that will issue a commercial policy on 10 equal, monthly installments.

For our bus companies and van services, we have secured a similar arrangement. These premiums can be substantial and are always in need of a premium finance company. Although most premium finance companies will provide this service, they generally require a 25% down payment and charge anywhere between 12% and 24% APR.

We have secured a special arrangement with our main premium finance company. For busses or van services, we can get the down payment to 15% and the interest rate no higher than a single digit. With premiums well in excess of $100,000, the savings to our clients in this part of their insurance portfolio alone has been in the thousands of dollars.