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Home Insurance Solutions

What makes one homeowners policy less expensive than another, when the houses are on the same block? As with car insurance, there are many variables that go into a home insurance quote.

  • Age of the house
  • Construction of the house
  • Hydrants or well-water?
  • Amount for which the home is insured
  • Any business exposure? Home office?
  • Dead-bolt locks
  • Burglar and fire alarm
  • Garage, shed
  • Swimming pool (Is it fenced?)
  • Any jewelry or furs?
  • Size of deductible
  • Prior coverage

Again, the various insurance companies have different experience. One company may give a greater discount for a burglar alarm system if they have had better loss experience as a result of a central-station burglar alarm. Some companies rate based on which county you reside.

Others base it solely on zip code, regardless of whether you are in the city or the county. What is the rate to schedule jewelry separately on the policy?

We know which companies give better rates in the various counties. We know which ones give bigger discounts than others for raising your deductible.

As with car insurance, our policyholders are driven by price. However, what is important to one person may be a minor issue to another. You need proper limits and proper deductibles. Would you ever submit a claim for under $1,000? If not, why are you paying more for a $250 deductible?

Most mortgage companies escrow the homeowner’s premium, which results in many people thinking they cannot move their homeowner’s policy. This is simply untrue. We communicate with your mortgage company when you are contemplating a change in policies. As long as the mortgage company is given the proper information, they have no problem helping us, and you, make a switch with your homeowners policy.

We will help you analyze everything and even make a recommendation. The ultimate choice, however, is always up to you.
Please call us for a quote. You are never obligated to go with us just because we give you prices.